G2 Plus: The Classiest Late Night Club in Osaka

G2 Plus: The Classiest Late Night Club in Osaka


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Welcome to G2 Plus,

The classiest all night club in the Osaka nightlife which is known for it’s high-class yet wild late night parties – all with weekly music events and amazing VIP service. 

G2 + offers a unique upscale party experience with an in-house professional chef, professional patissier, and sommelier, open until 7 AM, everyday. Even the “Funktion-One” sound system used in internationally-renowned festivals, theaters, stadiums, and nightclubs, serves guests a taste of high-quality sound and music.

The Osaka nightlife could not get anymore fancier than this.

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Yet, although we’re all about partying in class and style, as you can see here, good times and good music for our guests is our priority. Plus, you get a free drink with entry (see admission pricing below).

Come and see for yourself – Check out why G2 Plus should be on your “to go” list in the Osaka nightlife.

The Crowd: Oh, you fancy, huh?

With a clean venue, great music, awesome staff, the crowd is mature yet wild. G2 Plus is known usually with a good balance of women to men ratio – An important part of the experience. Usually women who are feeling the music go toward the front of the stage to get the full effect of the great music, stunning light shows, and the “Funktion One” sound system. 

G2 Plus sets up the night for great times for those who know how to party. However as classy as it is, we encourage you to let loose, and party. Hip hop, Electronic dance music, pop music, and sometimes house music can be found here in the Osaka nightlife.

A tip for the gentlemen: Raise your glass and say “kanpai” (cheers) to a lady to politely initiate conversation. They’re most likely going to be in front. These ladies are fancy – treat them well.

A tip for the ladies: If you want to approach a guy, move in close, make eye contact, and smile for more than a second (that’s it). Sometimes the good men are shy. They don’t know if you’re interested with your back facing them, or their back facing you.

The Fanciest VIP in the Osaka nightlife

G2 Plus is a one of a kind in the Osaka nightlife – As mentioned earlier, we have an in-house sommelier who can guide you through various selections of wine and cigars and a professional chef and patissier for a tasty experience for VIP.

Only as a VIP guest, our “class” can fully be felt in the Osaka nightlife. You don’t want to miss it.

Make VIP reservations and view prices here:
(It’s not as expensive as you think)

Come to G2 Plus

With all the extras and awesomeness, G2 Plus sets the bar high for an amazing classy experience in the Osaka nightlife. As a VIP, you’re all set.

Take a look at our facebook page to see what you’re getting yourself into. We’re sure you’ll be amazed. Check it out here:

Come to G2 Plus and see for yourself how this club can exceed all expectations.

Admission: With a free drink


Open Hours 2:00 AM – 7:00 AM (Sun-Thu)

                     1:00 AM – 7:00 AM (Fri-Sat)

Busy Hours: 4:00 AM – 6:00 (Best time to come)

G2+ opens till very late(or early in the morning), so you can come over even after other clubs close. We like to party all night.


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Twitter: g2pls_osaka