Club-Hopping in Osaka! Recommended Plan for You! #1

Club-Hopping in Osaka! Recommended Plan for You! #1


Edited by Kazu

There are plenty of nightclubs in Osaka. Many clubbers in Osaka usually visit a few nightclubs in one night. And why don’t you? So today, I will introduce one recommended plan for you to go club-hopping in Osaka! 

1. First, visit “Giraffe Japan”! They open at 7 PM every day!

The nightlife in Osaka starts at 7 PM. I know, probably you feel it’s relatively early, but it’s true. This is an Osakan standard. I guess you perhaps know or heard “Ebisu Bashi Bridge(aka Hikkake Bashi)” in the Namba area, and the famous “Glico Man” where so many tourists come and take pictures all the time. Giraffe is located a minute away from there. It opens at 7 PM, and the busiest hours are between 11 PM and 1 AM. It is a perfect nightclub for you if you would like to start partying from the evening.

Giraffe Japan is a four-floored nightclub where people can enjoy different types of music. On the first floor “Gate”, they play house music. The second floor is a hip-hop floor “SUP”, and you can listen to K-pop and anime hit songs on the third floor ”KEY”. And lastly, the fourth-floor “MIX” is where world-popular songs are played.

Giraffe also offers foods and some games such as darts and billiards, not only music and drinks. I assure you that you will enjoy from the moment you step into Giraffe to the moment you leave there. Hundreds of foreign tourists visit Giraffe every day. It is a must-visit spot in Osaka!

2. Next, let’s go to the luxurious and sophisticated one, “Cheval Osaka”!

“Cheval Osaka” opens at 10 PM. It takes about 30 seconds on foot from Shinsaibashi station, and 10 minutes walk away from Giraffe Japan.

The busiest hours at Cheval is between 1-3 AM. So you can keep partying after having a good time at Giraffe, and have a greater time at Cheval!

Cheval has two different types of dance floors. At “Red Floor”, they play major EDM and TOP40. And you can enjoy EDM, HOUSE, TECHNO, ELECTRO at “Blue Floor”.

The equipment at Cheval is superb and you will surely feel how deep and powerful the sound can get, and the heavy bass makes you bounce on the floor. The last but not the least, Cheval is the first nightclub in Japan that has a separate smoking area. How cool is that? 

Cheval is a very stylish club, so why don’t you get dressed up and have a luxurious night?

A night in Osaka never ends! Lastly, you should visit “G2 Plus”!

“G2 Plus” is a few minutes’ walk away from Cheval, and the party goes on until morning. It opens at 2 PM, and the party remains crazy until 7 in the morning. Since the busiest hours start from around 4 AM, the party-goers gather around at G2 Plus every day.

G2 Plus is a casual nightclub. It has a big locker room and women-only seats(which is common in Osakan club cultures), and also has luxurious VIP tables and VIP Stage where you can feel the sound right next to the DJ booth. The resident DJs will excite you with a full of hit songs in this absolute entertainment space.

The hot dance floor, or chilled VIP area, which would you choose to spend your night out and party until morning?

So now you know a bit of the nightlife in Osaka, don’t you? This is how to go club-hopping in Osaka city. Each nightclub has different features and kinds of music, and the business hours differ as well so that people just can visit these clubs one by another. You come long way from your home