How to get into a Nightclub in Osaka!

How to get into a Nightclub in Osaka!


Edited by Saki

While traveling to a foreign country it’s a must to go out and experience the booming nightlife. Unfortunately, it is not always the easiest to find all the necessary information about the local nightclubs and bars. How old do I have to be? What do I have to bring with me? Can I leave my things somewhere? What is the dress code? These are the questions you might ask yourself before going out, but don’t worry we as your nightclub guides are here to help you out and answer all of them. 

Dress code

Clubwear comes in many forms. The best way to dress it to feel comfortable, but at the same time look flattering. Most nightclubs in Osaka don’t have a certain dress code, but it would be good to do some research and check what is the style of the place and what type of music they play, so we could match with the vibe of it.

Please check our articles for further more information about each nightclub.

As long as the fit is right a guy can’t go wrong with a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. It’s simple, comfortable and not overdressed. 

For the ladies, it’s a little bit harder to find the balance between looking casual and fancy. Maybe you could go with a dress, a pair of jeans matched with a blouse, or a jumpsuit. You could always give it an extra touch with some accessories.

Please DO NOT wear jerseys, sweatshirts, tank tops, work clothes, sandals, crocs or any other light clothes.

What to bring and minimum age

First of all and most importantly to get into a nightclub in Japan, you have to be 20 years old or older. Therefore it is a must to bring a passport or an ID card with you. Further than that, you don’t need much, just your own necessities, such as your wallet, house keys, and a good mood! The nightclubs will take care of the rest. When it comes to alcohol, they have a wide variety of drinks on the menu. If you’d like to go for something local, try a sake shot.


If you are visiting Osaka in a colder season, there is no need to worry about bringing your jacket and all your belongings to a nightclub. In every nightclub, you will easily find a cloakroom, where you could leave your possessions. It’s not hard to find it, mostly positioned not far away from the entrance and opened throughout the whole party. 

Ladies’ seat

Something very unique for Japan, that you can not find in many other countries is the ladies’ seat. It’s an area for women, where they can take a break from all the dancing and as the name suggests take a seat. It’s not easy to stand all night in those high heels and Japanese people thought of that. In this part of the club, you may also find some small lockers, so all the ladies could store their valuables and go enjoy their night without worrying about them. 

We hope we helped you out with any doubts and that now the only thing on your mind is to have fun in our Osaka nightlife!