The Hottest IG Hashtag: #osaka2nite

The Hottest IG Hashtag: #osaka2nite


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It’s always after dark on Instagram.

Introducing the hottest new hashtag in the Osaka area, #osaka2nite

Osaka Nightclub Guide is excited to share our new Instagram page, @osaka2nite. Featuring the best photos of Osaka nightlife, @osaka2nite shows off images we love that have been tagged with the hashtag of the same name, #osaka2nite. If you’ve always wanted to know what it’s like to party in Japan’s second city, this is the perfect way to explore.

At bars and clubs across the Minami and Kita areas, Osaka’s vibrant nightlife districts, everybody is using #osaka2nite to highlight their nights out. Whether you’re a veteran to the Osaka nightlife scene or experiencing it for the first time, we want to see what you’ve got!

New to Osaka? Planning to visit soon? The images featured on @osaka2nite should give you an idea of how this notoriously wild city likes to party—hard. 

Or, relive the magic from your night out by scrolling through posts tagged with #osaka2nite. We know sometimes it can be tough to remember all the fun you had the night before.

Want to be featured? Share your Osaka nightlife images on Instagram with the hashtag #osaka2nite TONIGHT! Thank you for sharing your night with us.