AirBnB host helps you party at nightclubs!

AirBnB host helps you party at nightclubs!


Edited by Kazu

When traveling abroad, have you ever had any trouble entering a place you don’t exactly know the proper way? 

Maybe you want to try a nightclub in a strange city, but you might hesitate a bit because you don’t speak perfect Japanese and you don’t want to be embarrassed to try it.

But please do not miss your chance to explore the night town in Osaka.

A special host will help you… well, that’s me actually.

Having lived in Osaka for more than 10 years, I had a lot of chances to know people in the nightclub industry.

I can give you any information you want to know, and helo you to choose the best nightclub for you!

There are 6 choices you have.

Giraffe, G3, Cheval, Ammona, G2 Plus, and OWL.

Each nightclub has its own feature, and also they open and close at different times, which allows you to pick up the best choice depending on your preference and itinerary.

First I will see you at “Tonbori Base Case” in Dotonbori area. I give you the map and every detail of each nightclub. Then let’s move to a nightclub of your choice together.

When you are in the club, you know the rest… just party!

It is always nice to have a local guide when traveling abroad, you can get one easily!

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