Club Ammona: The Hottest Osaka Club With Over 400 People Everyday

Club Ammona: The Hottest Osaka Club With Over 400 People Everyday


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Welcome to club Ammona, 

An Osaka club located conveniently in the heart of Osaka’s nightlife district Minami, a place that never sleeps. The Osaka Nightlife is a place perfect for night owls and party animals like yourselves. 

But have you ever heard of a club that never stops partying? 

Yup. That’s Club Ammona. 

Club Ammona is an Osaka club that prides itself for being known as​ the club ​that can attract crowds of ladies, gentlemen from 20 years old and above ​everyday​ 10 PM to 4 AM. 

While Club Ammona is 5-7 minutes from Shinsaibashi Sta., Nagahoribasi Sta., Nippombashi Sta., the famous Dotombori Glico Man sign it’s easy to find for easy partying access. 

With all of this, it’s no wonder that even well-known artists like Redfoo (LMFAO), DJ Kaori, Minmi, and more have been a featured guests here in this Osaka club. 

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We like to party, everyday 

Whether if you are feeling to party on the weekend, on a hump day (Wednesday), thirsty Thursday, or on any other day of the week, Ammona is the Osaka club to be in. 

There are over 400 guests daily. Club Ammona likes to keep energy high and strong throughout the week, playing the hottest music for our beautiful guests. We’ll make your body move. 

Like free alcohol? Get a free drink ticket when paying upon entry (only applies entry as shown in “Admission” below). 

A Foreigner Friendly Osaka Club 

We also would like to maintain our international vibes, so we’d like to extend a warm welcome to all of our foreign guests. Come down and see what the Osaka nightlife and Club Ammona has in store for you. Foreigners partying in Osaka often report being approached by fun-loving Osakans on the daily. To your foreigners, feel free to bring Japanese people in your circle to join the fun whether it be females or males. 

At Club Ammona we love when we can all party together. 

The Venue & Music 

Coming to this Osaka club you won’t be disappointed with the 30 different types of services and entertainment they offer. The layout is simple yet clean and classy. 

You can expect to see glasses of champagne and that tequila you love so much from the DJ booth. Keep your eyes, hands, and mouths open. You’re in for a treat. 

Club Ammona is an Osaka club known to play EDM, Top 100, Pop, Hip Hop, and sometimes K-Pop. They have tons of lit events with international and local talent. 

There is a powder room especially for the ladies so that you can look good and feel good on your night out. We care about you, boo. 

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Come to Club Ammona 

You can especially enjoy your nights out at Club Ammona. Simply because the partying doesn’t stop until 4 AM, everyday. 

If you’re looking for a good time, even on a weekday, come here. You won’t be disappointed at this awesome Osaka club. 

We love our guests, our guests love us. Check out more awesome reviews on TripAdvisor ​here​! 


Open Hours: ​22:00 – 4:00 Everyday 

Busy Hours: ​1:30-3:30 – Come down during this time. 


Friday and Saturday:​ 1500 yen women + 1 free drink / 3500 yen men + 1 free drink 

Sunday through Thursday: ​1000 yen women + 1 free drink / 2500 yen men + 1 free drink 

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