G2 Osaka: The Osaka Nightclub Perfect for Late Night Clubbing

G2 Osaka: The Osaka Nightclub Perfect for Late Night Clubbing


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Welcome to G2 Osaka,

a club located within “Minami” South Osaka the nightlife hub of Osaka and a 1-minute walk from Nagahoribashi Station. Yes, you read it right from the title – G2 is one of the few late and all nightclubs perfect for late night clubbing in Osaka. Doors are open until 7 AM everyday which gives you a lot of time to party.

Not only is it open until early morning, it also has a dope venue with a great nightlife atmosphere.

Coming here, you’d know that it was made especially for an all night out. They don’t call it an “All Night Out Club” for nothing!

Check this article out to see what we mean.

The Crowd: Party All Day, Everyday

G2 is one of those Osaka clubs in which you see people going in during the late hours of the night. Just passing by it’ll make you want to see what is going on. No FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

The Osaka locals know it as the place to go for a late night clubbing experience plus it’s open everyday. It’s safe to say that here you will find people who like to party and get lit. That’s what they’re looking for when they come here.

G2 caters to everyone. Young or old, everyone is welcome to enjoy the Osaka nightlife atmosphere here. Doors are open to anyone 18+. Regardless of the day, this place is very energetic every night

You can gather your party people friends and host parties here in the early times of the night privately, and when this Osaka club opens publically at 1AM you can party until the first train (if you can handle it)! Please contact the staff and reserve your private parties online.

For VIP Reservations click here:

The Venue

Pro-tip: Any club that has a chandelier is most likely going to be a clean and awesome place to party. A clean venue attracts a “clean” crowd which is fun loving, yet respectful. See the pictures of the interior and you can see how classy this venue can be. 

What’s awesome about G2 is that the club has an atrium or upper floor which allows you to see the whole scale of the venue and feel the music. With this kind of design, you can truly soak up Osaka nightlife vibes. Super dope. 

A bonus for the ladies who party at G2: G2 provides refunds for taxi fares if you come by taxi. A taxi receipt is required so please take it and show it to the staff and they’ll reimburse you. 

The Music

G2 is an Osaka nightclub which offers it’s venue to many audiences and plays a variety of popular music. Even people who are beginners to clubbing or partying can enjoy pop dance music. 

G2 also holds unique monthly events in which everyone can take part in. The more, the merrier and lit, so invite your friends down to our events. Check out the events page here: Click Here To View Upcoming Events.

What are events like? Imagine this: Take our classy venue, turn off the lights, add bumping music, sound systems, light shows, beautiful people, drinks, and yourself and is what you get:

G2, A lit All Night Osaka Nightclub

By now, this should give you a good idea what partying in G2 Osaka is like. G2 is like no other when it comes to late night parties. It’s venue, design, music selection allows for everyone to enjoy a night out in Osaka. If you follow us on IG, you can see more of the fun:

In a place where you can party all night and every day (if you’d like), there’s no place like it. Come to G2 and party with us!

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All admission includes 1 drink. The prices are shown below.


Open Hours: 2:00 AM to 7:00 AM on weekdays, 1:00 AM to 7:00 AM on weekends

Busy Hours: 3:30 AM to 5:30 AM


Instagram: @g2_osaka
Twitter: @G2osaka