Club Cheval: One of the Classiest and Lit Osaka Club

Club Cheval: One of the Classiest and Lit Osaka Club


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Welcome to Cheval. 

Cheval, located in the heart of the Minami area of Osaka is one of the classiest Osaka club in this area, in terms of excellent music, crystal clear sound, a mature crowd, and a stylish and clean venue. Don’t forget the lit parties! Check us out in the Osaka nightlife

Note: Cheval is also a 5 minute walk from Shinsaibashi stations gives it extremely easy access for you to come to this Osaka club. Come here and save your energy for the partying, party people!

Mature Crowd – Ladies first

If you want to find a mature club in the Osaka nightlife scene, Cheval is your place.  Cheval is proud to promote “ladies first” culture. At Cheval, we want to ensure that our ladies feel safe and comfortable. You ladies out there, are the stars when you party at club Cheval.

Cheval is the first club in Japan EVER to only allow men over 22 and over to enter. This encourages a mature atmosphere which is what we can say with confidence: different from other young and noisy clubs. We like to keep it classy and have it stay that way.

However, mature doesn’t mean boring. You will definitely have those lit parties to remember for the books. Bring your friends and share the fun.

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Cheval’s stylish decor gives it a classy (Oshare – In Japanese) atmosphere. The cleanliness of our party environment for you, our guests, is extremely important to us. Cheval is claimed to be one of Japan’s smoke-free environments which offers its guests, cleanliness, comfort, and crazy nights out – in style. There are designated smoking areas separated from the main areas to encourage a great place to party for everyone.


For all of our music lovers, we pride ourselves on our world-class sound systems which provide crystal clear and bumping bass on two dance floors.  You can have a full musical experience with different tastes of music in this Osaka club. Our main area is an EDM floor and another is a House Music floor. Both of these genres will get crowds moving.

As mentioned on our website we have “2 floors and 2 different ways to turn up!”.

Come to Cheval

Cheval is a great place to party in the Osaka nightlife. Come to Cheval if you are looking for a mature crowd, great sound systems, comfort, style, and a great night out.

If you know how to party with class, come to Cheval and come party with us!

We’ll be waiting for you!


Cheval is open from everyday from 10PM to 4AM . Busy hours are from 1 AM to 3 AM. This should give you a good idea of how to gage on  when to come in if you want an awesome night!


Weekends:  Women/ 1,500 yen + 1 drink and Men / 3,500 JPY + 1 drink
Weekday:  / Sunday / Holiday: Women/ 1000 yen + 1 drink and Men: 3500 yen + 1 drink


Instagram: @cheval_osaka
Facebook: chevalosaka


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