Osaka Night Fusion: Intro

Osaka Night Fusion: Intro


Edited by Kazu

Today, I proudly present the hottest entertainment show in Osaka!

“Osaka Night Fusion” was first produced in 2017 to hype up the energy of the nightlife in Osaka, where ‘Osaka Expo’ will be held in 2025. And this year, the entertainment show is back with the tastes of “Wa(Classic Japan)” and “Dance Music”, and it consists of two different parts “the theatrical” show and “the interactive” one.

The first “theatrical” show goes with six themes. 「艶」”Temptation”,「舞」 “Dance”,「煽」 “Fan”,「奇」 “Magic”, 「化」”Transformation” and 「驚」”Surprise”. This performance show is the fusion of DJ, Dancers, Kabuki actors, Japanese musical instruments players, Magicians, and Human Beat Boxers, along with special Japanese-style dance music.

The theme of the second show is 「宴」”Feast”. It’s an interactive and participative show with the whole audience. The audience feels the energy of the dance floor full of exciting visuals and lightning production, listening to the globally popular dance music where you feel like being in an enormous outdoor festival. All the performers from the first show mix up with the audience to unite the whole ONE.


2,500 JPY
You can buy a ticket online!
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Venue Details

Jan.10th – Mar.27th,2020
OPEN PM7:30 / START PM8:00


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