Osaka Nightclub Ticket

Osaka Nightclub Ticket


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We all know that all night clubs bump up their prices during the times when they’re the busiest – It happens. However, what if there was a way to avoid these high costs, save your money, and beat the system?

We present you with the Osaka Nightclub Ticket a ticket that will allow you to have the stability and the chance for you to save money on your night out in the Osaka Nightlife.

We often witness the surprised faces of guests coming to the front of the club to find out that club entry can soar up to 3,500 yen, especially on weekends (what?! 3500 yen?! I’m good.). It’s just apart of the game. 

This ticket saves your money and the surprise of paying high cover charges into clubs.  Don’t be like them. Get into the club and party. 

The best part is, it’s only 1500 yen to go into any club of your choice, any time, any day of the week. Plus you can walk in the club with a free drink.

Here’s all you need to know about the Osaka Nightclub Ticket

What is the Osaka Nightclub Ticket

Osaka Nightclub Ticket is a ticket/pass which grants you entry into any of the 6 participating clubs of your choice (please see below). It only costs 1,500 yen and comes with a free drink upon entry of the selected club.

Show your ticket at the front of the club, gain entry, and get a drink voucher. Simple.

See more information here.

Where can I use it?

You can choose among these 6 nightclubs to go to: Giraffe, Owl, G3, Ammona, Cheval, G2plus

Each club has its own personality and vibes which attract different types of crowds. Which one would you choose? The Osaka Nightclub ticket can take you there. 

Learn more about each club here.

What is the difference between buying Osaka Nightclub ticket and entering the club normally?

You save money with Osaka Nightclub ticket. It’s that easy.

You can enter any club at the same price (1,500 yen) any day and at any time. Usually cover charges/prices at the door can be higher on weekends or during our busiest hours.

This system was made while keeping in mind that our guests like to save money and high costs turn off people at the door. We want more guests, so we created Osaka Nightclub Ticket to bring you to us at an affordable rate. It’s a win-win situation. 

How can I buy the Osaka Nightclub Ticket?”

Please purchase your ticket on Viator. Here’s the link:

Buy Osaka Nightclub Ticket Now

Once you receive your e-ticket, you must exchange this for a physical Osaka Nightclub ticket at Tonbori Base Cafe.

IMPORTANT: Please note that you cannot enter a club with this e-ticket and it MUST be exchanged at Tonbori Base Cafe for an actual “Osaka Nightclub Ticket”. See the instructions below.

Where can I exchange my e-ticket to Osaka Nightclub Ticket?

Please exchange your ticket at Tonbori Base Cafe & Info. Present your e-ticket to a staff member and they will give you your Osaka Nightclub ticket. From there, you’re all set.

Without your actual ticket obtained, you cannot enter the club. Please note that you must exchange your e-ticket for a physical ticket at Tonbori Base.

Got that? 

Step 1: Buy the Osaka Nightclub Ticket on Viator here – Buy Osaka Nightclub Ticket Now
Step 2: Exchange the ticket at Tonbori Base –  Don’t get lost. Here are the directions.
Step 3: Pick a club – Giraffe, Owl, G3, Ammona, Cheval, G2plus

Step 4: Enter and get a free drink
Step 5: Party!

Why Should I Buy the Osaka Nightclub Ticket?

Our answer is: Why not?

  • Save money: Avoid high costs of peak times and days
  • Stability: Go into any club you want at the same price
  • Flexibility: 6 clubs to choose from – All with different vibes
  • Be a boss: People paying the normal price will regret that they didn’t buy this ticket
  • Free booze: Get (1) free drink ticket at the door upon entry

It’s the smarter and cheaper way to enjoy your night out. Period.

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Pro-tip: Don’t forget to do your research!

Check out how each club’s cover charge/entry fee changes depending on the day, time, and occasion under the “System” tabs of each website. You’ll feel really good once you find out that you’re saving the most money.
Our articles on Osaka Nightclub Guide has information on each club such as atmosphere, music, crowd (the type of people who go there), great things about the specific club, events, and more so we highly suggest that you check it out before you chose your club.

There you have it. Finally, a system which makes you beat the system the Osaka Nightclub Ticket. We’re confident that you’ll feel really good once you get a ticket and get on your night out.