Osaka Night Fusion: Report 1

Osaka Night Fusion: Report 1


Edited by Kazu

As in the previous article, an amazing live entertainment show “Osaka Night Fusion” started this January at Club Piccadilly.
Today please let me introduce the show with some new arrival pictures from the show on the 17th of January.

Greetings from the producers

Osaka Night Fusion is produced by JTB Global Marketing&Travel and TryHard Japan.

JTB and TryHard Japan also co-produced Osaka Nightclub Pass that allows you to visit three nightclubs in one night.

Act 1 -Theatrical Show-

Act 1 is the fusion of 6 different themes.
The show consists of DJ, Dancers, Kabuki actors, Japanese musical instruments players, Magicians, and Human Beat Boxers, along with special Japanese-style dance music.

Super cool DJ Zipang rocks the floor. You cannot miss his scratch DJ with Japanese-remix of dance music!

And Japanese musical instruments comes in!

“TRAinnovation” attracts you to the classic Japan atmosphere, and then it starts melting together with modern dance music.

Sexy female dancers, “TryHard Dancers” appear on the stage to make it more energetic.

Magician “Loki” comes next.
He surprises you far beyond you can imagine!

And lastly, a tap dancer from “GOTTA Entertainment” and a human beat boxer “CHOKE SP” perform a special collaboration show!
The collaboration of ‘Dance Music’ × ‘Tap Dance’ × ‘Human Beat Box’ in Ninja uniform is something you cannot see anywhere else!

Act 2 -Interactive Show-

The theme of Act 2 is “Feast”. The performers and the guests all get together and have a good time.

This is where you and the others get united. This is where you make another ‘Fusion’!

Most of the contents are secret.
Please visit and see it by yourself!

Please experience the unique entertainment show only in Osaka. We hope you’ll spend the night you won’t forget!


2,500 JPY
You can buy a ticket online!
Please visit here.

Venue Details

Jan 10th – Mar 27th, 2020
OPEN 7:30 PM / START 8:00 PM


Official Website