Giraffe Japan: Osaka’s Most Famous Nightclub in the Heart of downtown Dotonbori

Giraffe Japan: Osaka’s Most Famous Nightclub in the Heart of downtown Dotonbori


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Riverside Giraffe is situated in the center of Dotonbori, the home of Osaka’s thrilling nightlife and entertainment district for over four hundred years. 

This vibrant area comes alive after dark and is conveniently located mere steps away from the city’s Namba hub station.

Dotonbori at night. 

Extremely accessible and unmatched in popularity, a night at Giraffe is the best way to get acquainted with the world-renowned Osaka nightlife scene.

Unparalleled atmosphere and service

As one of the busiest nightclubs in Osaka, Giraffe exemplifies the electric vibe that characterizes wild Dotonbori nightlife

International DJs of all genres spin every night of the week. Party on the dance floor, relax at the bar, or sit on the outdoor terrace and bask in the riverside views.

Hundreds of people visit on weekdays; on weekends, over a thousand people gather to drink and dance. The busiest hours are between 11 pm and 1 am.

A mix of locals and foreign expats and tourists visit Giraffe; in fact, Giraffe is the club most visited by foreigners in the Kansai region. This is the perfect place to meet and party with like-minded tourists. 

Many of the staff members are multilingual, so if you’re new to Japan don’t be afraid to stop by!

A “tower of entertainment” 

Not one, but four exciting floors offer something for everyone. Each features a unique atmosphere and theme.

The first floor, “GATE,” is all about House music. With a neon-lit entrance and Europen vibe, you’re sure to be transported to another world.

The entrance to GATE.

Floor two is for hip hop enthusiasts. Called “SUP,” the DJs here spin domestic and international hip hop beats that will keep you moving. 

The theme of “KEY,” the third floor, is “amusement.” This bedazzled zone is dedicated to VIPs only, with entertainment including games, dancers, and all-you-can-drink specials. Men pay a 1000 yen entry fee plus 2000 yen an hour to enjoy and women enter for free.

Beer pong in the VIP section.

“MIX,” the top floor, offers an eclectic and laid-back space with an open format. Here, popular music of all genres can be heard.

Another unique feature of the club is Giraffe’s food stand. Instead of stumbling around through the labyrinthine city after a wild night, you can order ramen and snacks without ever leaving the dance floor!

We hope you’ll join us for an exciting night at Giraffe during your stay in Osaka!


7 pm – 2 am daily



Starts at ¥0 for women and ¥100 for men (prices vary depending on day of the week and time of entry) 
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