Nightclub Hopping in Osaka!

Nightclub Hopping in Osaka!


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Welcome to Osaka! We strongly recommend you to visit nightclubs if you’d like to have a wonderful time in Osaka. There are so many nightclubs in Osaka, so why don’t you go club-hopping? Let’s take a quick view of each club if you don’t know where to go. Here I introduce how to ‘club-hop’ in Osaka.

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Osaka Nightlife starts at 7 PM!

Each club opens one by one from very early time. The earliest one is “OWL Osaka” in Kita(=North) area, which opens at 7 PM every day. And then “Giraffe Japan” in Minami(=South) area opens next at 8 PM. Which would you choose to be your first nightclub on the night?



At 10 PM, 5 More Nightclubs Open!

At 10 PM, “Piccadilly” in Kita area, and “Ammona” “Cheval” “G3” and “Bambi” in Minami area open. (NOTICE: Piccadilly opens only on Fridays and Saturdays)

Enjoyed at the first venue so far? Let’s move to the second place! These nightclubs don’t close until 4 or 5 AM, so please just go around and find your favorite one. Please check the websites below to see what’s unique at each club, and basic information!






Crazy Parties in Osaka Won’t Stop!

Wanna party more? In Minami area, there are two clubs that open till 7 in the morning! “G2” and “G2 Plus”. Osaka party animals won’t stop even after the bright sun comes up.



So now you know that you can fully enjoy the whole night from 7 PM to7 AM in Osaka city. Please do try the “Osaka Club Hopping” when you got to have a chance to visit Japan! 

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Special Pass for nightclub hopping!
“Osaka Nightclub Pass”

The best way to club around in Osaka city is to get “Osaka Nightclub Pass”! This pass allows you to try all the nine nightclubs at very reasonable price. You can buy these passes at “Tonbori Base“, which is located in the center of Osaka city (Dotombori area).

Osaka Nightclub Pass official website!