Owl Osaka: The City’s Most Popular Nightclub

Owl Osaka: The City’s Most Popular Nightclub


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Consider your search for Osaka’s best nightclub over. Owl Osaka is the city’s most popular dance venue, a hub that welcomes over 30,000 partygoers a month. Conveniently located in a vibrant downtown party district and busy every single night of the week, it’s guaranteed a visit will provide endless excitement and interesting new connections. 

Let’s dive right into what makes Owl Osaka the city’s most popular nightclub. 

Making friends is guaranteed at the busiest club in Osaka 

Owl opened in 2012 — since then it’s risen to first place as the most crowded club in Osaka. 

Hundreds of locals, as well as expats and travelers from all over the world, crowd into Owl nightly, creating a diverse atmosphere where the only thing everyone has in common is a desire to sweat and have fun. 

Spacious and stylish to boot, Owl is easily one of the best places in town to form new relationships, whether they last one night or a lifetime. 

The party starts early and lasts as long as you want it to 

Whether you’re a night owl or an early bird, Owl is the spot for you. 

The party gets going earlier than at most clubs, with the doors opening at 7 pm nightly (if it sounds odd to party on a weeknight, clearly this is your first time visiting Osaka). It’s cheaper to show up early, too — before 9 pm men get discounted entry and women enter for free! 

You can have a good time and still make it out in time to catch the last train (railways shut down between midnight and 5 am). Owl is also a great place to start a night of bar-hopping. 

Those who “accidentally” miss the last train can party all night — the club doesn’t shut down until the first trains start running in the morning. 

The business hours are the longest among the nine clubs featured in the killer “Osaka Nightclub Pass,” so budget-conscious folks will especially fancy this joint. 

Conveniently located from anywhere in Osaka as well as the surrounding cities

Owl is located in the Umeda hub area. Known for its glitzy ambiance and incredible nightlife, Umeda is where many train lines catering to riders both within and outside of Osaka City converge. 

More than 5 busy terminals are located between a 5-10 minute walk from Owl! These include JR Osaka, Hankyu Umeda, Hanshin Umeda, and three local subway stations. 

Not only is it excruciatingly easy to visit from any Osaka City neighborhood, but Owl is also exceptionally accessible from nearby cities like Kyoto or Kobe

Cozy “Ladies Seats” allow for a safe sanctuary among the fun

Women and folks who identify as female are guaranteed to have a stress free time thanks to an entire section of “Ladies Seats” where gals can relax upstairs between songs. 

Private lockers are also available in this zone, so women can store their valuables without having to worry about lugging their bags onto the dance floor. 

Lockers and a cloakroom for general use are also available on the first floor. 

DJs play nothing but the best hits to get you moving all night long 

Beloved, high energy tunes ranging from today’s Top 40 hits to upbeat songs of past decades draw partiers nonstop to the spacious dance floor. 

Bright lights and energetic dancers spice up the vibe. A giant LCD screen — one of the largest in Japan — displays stellar visuals as the non-stop beats blast from a superb sound system. 

Laid-back, English-speaking staff spread the good vibes 

Even if you’re brand new to Japan and don’t speak the local language, the staff at Owl will make you feel welcome. Accommodating and attentive, Owl’s bartenders and bouncers are known for their friendly service. 

Though the club is constantly packed, the staff at Owl always make time for their guests. It’s just one of the many things that make this excellent club stand out. 

A stellar VIP getaway is reserved for serious partiers 

Fun, fashionable and chic, Owl already has plenty to offer. If you’re looking for something more intimate and luxurious, however, go VIP. 

Secluded on the second floor, the VIP section features plush seating, a bar, restrooms, and even its own private dance floor. 

Prices start at ¥20,000 for two hours and ¥40,000 for four and come with your choice of spirits and snacks. 

What are you waiting for? Head to Owl Osaka tonight if you’re ready for the best night of your life! 


7 pm – 5 am daily 

The busiest hours are from 10:30 pm – 3:30 am. 


Starts at ¥0 for women and ¥700 for men (prices vary depending on day of the week and time of entry) 


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