A Must-Visit-Nightclub guide in Osaka! “Osaka Nightclub Guide” has launched!

A Must-Visit-Nightclub guide in Osaka! “Osaka Nightclub Guide” has launched!


Edited by Kazu

Have you ever get lost online when traveling abroad and seeking a cool place to visit at night? Here we introduce a brand new service for you! 

“Osaka Nightclub Guide” is a website to help you find the best way to enjoy your nightlife in Osaka.

When you google ‘Osaka’ ‘nightlife’, you’ll see plenty of choices of bars and clubs. I’m sure you can have a good time at any of those, but I’m also sure you will waste some time by walking around to find a place from one to another. 

That’s why we’re here, to provide the exact information you’d need, and quite inexpensive ticket/pass for all the party lovers. 

For those who don’t know Osaka well yet, Osaka nightlife scene can be roughly divided into two areas: Kita(North) area and Miami(South) area. 

There are two amazing clubs in Kita area(also called Umeda area), Owl and Piccadilly.

And in Minami area(also called Namba area), there are seven energetic clubs; Giraffe, G2, G3, Adam, Bambi, Cheval and Ammona

You can check every single detail and latest news of these clubs on Osaka Nightclub Guide.

We also provide an unbelievably low-priced club circuit pass, “Osaka Nightclub Pass”. 

Get one, and you can club-hop among those nine clubs in one night! Each club has different feature and music. Why don’t you find your favorite club and get wasted with finest music in Osaka?